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Who We Are

Clermont Security & Sound is a locally owned security and monitoring service company. Since 1992, we’ve been the only local security company in Clermont. Our dedicated employees, proven services, and local availability provide our customers with a level of security no one else can offer.

What We Do

Our services include: Monitored home/office security systems, security cameras, recording, intercom systems, surround sound, audio systems, phone and data lines, and lightning protection systems. We also offer sliding glass door locks and double-keyed dead bolts. Our rates are far lower than the national average.


Security F.A.Q.

Q) Can I monitor my system even though I have no home phone service?

A) Yes. There two ways. The first is with a cellular dialer installed on the security system. A cellular dialer uses the cell network to send the signal. The second is to use a T-Link module. This method sends the signal over your high speed internet.

Q) Do I have to sign a three year contract?

A) No. Most all reputable companies require a contract. A contract is designed to protect you as the homeowner. Not all companies offer less than three year contracts. Clermont Security will do two and one year contracts.

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Q) Does my contract automatically renew at the end?

A) Most all monitoring contracts automatically renew at the end unless you inform the monitoring company in writing before your contract expires. (Usually 60 days prior) Most contracts renew for the original length. If you originally signed a three year it will renew for another three years. At Clermont Security if we have no instruction from the customer at the end of their contract, our contracts renew for only one year.

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Q) What happens when my alarm goes off if I am monitored?

A) Florida law states that the monitoring company has to call the location first and make one attempt on the contact list before they can dispatch authorities. This law is designed to cut down on false alarms. If your alarm company calls you must give them your correct password or they will dispatch authorities.

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Q) I understand I can be charged for too many false alarms. Is this true?

A) With a good monitoring company, false alarms should not exist. In most jurisdictions you are allowed (typically) 3 false alarms in 3 months before being charged. Check with your local police department for false alarm allowances where you live. You should be notified by the authority with a warning before they will charge you.

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Q) Can I use my system if I choose not to be monitored?

A) Yes. Most security companies will not want to come to your house if you do not monitor with them. At Clermont Security, we do not require you to monitor and we will work on your system. If you are not monitored and you alarm goes off, all that happens is your siren will sound and eventually turn itself off. Monitoring is the service of your security panel dialing the monitoring station and the dispatching of authorities. If you are not monitored, your system will not dial out to anyone.

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Q) Why does my system equipment have to be changed even though it is not that old?

A) If your system was installed by another company, your equipment may have to be changed for security reasons. Every company programs their own installation security codes into the system, this is to ensure that no one can get into that system to change anything. Your system might be brand new but if it is “Locked out” by a code then we cannot use it properly.

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Camera F.A.Q.

Q) What is a DVR?

A) DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. This is not the same type of DVR you can get to record television and movies. This DVR is for a camera system only.

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Q) Can a camera “see” at night?

A) Yes. There are several technologies that allow cameras to have a picture at night and in very low light situations. In some instances you may even have a color picture at night.

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Q) Can I view my camera system over the internet?

A) Yes. Our systems may be viewed over the internet if you have high speed internet connection.

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Q) How much record time will be stored, how many days?

A) There are many factors that determine how much video will be stored. Record speeds hard drive size, and motion detection settings can be adjusted to maximize the hard drive storage space. Typically you can expect to get 2 weeks and more with the settings adjusted properly.

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Q) What happens to the video I already have when the hard drive gets full?

A) When a hard drive is full, the oldest recorded video is replaced with new so that you always have the latest video saved.

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Home Theatre F.A.Q.

Q) What is surround sound?

A) Surround sound is a system theaters use to put you in the “center” of the movie sound field. The sound from the scene on the screen (or television) comes from a speaker located near the screen. Any sound that happens off to the left or right of the screen comes from the left and right speakers. Any sound that happens behind you comes from the rear speakers located behind the seating area. All of the low end bass sound comes from the sub woofer. This basic system puts you in the middle of the sound field.

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Q) Does my house have to be wired for surround sound to install it?

A) No. Many of our installations are in homes without a pre-wire. A system can be retro fitted to your home.

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Q) Will you hook up my cable box and DVD player?

A) Yes. Our complete installation includes hooking up whatever other equipment you have.

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Lightning Rod F.A.Q.

Q) What is a Lightning Protection System?

A) A Lightning Protection System consists of 12” tall copper rods place on the roof of your house and are attached to a copper cable. The copper cable runs along the roofline and down the side walls and attached to ground rods on opposite corners of the house.

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Q) How does the system work?

A) When you have a lightning protection system, and there is lightning in the area, your system gives the lightning (or static discharge from a lightning strike) an easier way to get to ground by traveling through the system to ground.

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Q) Does the system “attract” lightning?

A) No. Rods and protection systems don’t attract lightning, nor do they influence where lightning will strike. It only gives it an easier route to ground if it is there.

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Q) Is the old saying “Lightning never strikes the same place twice” true?

A) No. Lightning often strikes the same place repeatedly. Central Florida is the Lightning Capitol of the Continental United States.

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Q) How effective is a system in protecting my home?

A) A properly installed lightning protection system is 99% effective in preventing potential damage. (Statistics provided by Underwriters Laboratories on UL Master Label inspected systems starting in 1923 to the present)

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View Your Cameras anytime via the internet

Clermont Security and Sound can install a video surveillance Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and color cameras that will give you color pictures during normal daylight conditions and black and white pictures in low light conditions. This technology is known as infra red or IR illuminators.

Our DVR’s will enable you (with a high speed internet connection) the ability to view live pictures or view recorded video without interrupting recording. We will load the program on your laptop and set up the computer to view your cameras. As long as you can get on the internet, you can view your cameras.

A DVR can be ordered to accept 4, 8 or 16 cameras and comes with a 500gig hard drive to store your video. A typical 4 channel DVR with 4 cameras recording continuously will store aprox. 1 week of video. This can be extended by the settings on the DVR and it is common to store aprox. 30 days of video.


$75.00 Install

Homes That are Pre-Wired for Security:

Contact us through this website and receive a $75.00 install on any home that is already pre-wired for a security system. Price includes a basic security system including 1 Key pad, 1 motion detector, 1 indoor siren, back-up battery, transformer and all switches and magnets. This is an internet special only. Price does not include monthly monitoring. Monitoring contract is required to receive discount. Monthly monitoring rates available for as low as $27.77 per month tax included. Free second key pad and wireless remote control with signed three year contract.

Homes That are not Pre-Wired for Security:

Contact us through this website and receive a free on site security survey if your home is not pre-wired. Discounted systems available for non pre-wired homes. Every security system installation is unique and may vary in price. Please contact us for more information on non pre-wired homes. Free second key pad and wireless remote control with signed three year contract.