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Who We Are

In an effort to provide you with the best service, available Alarm Protection Center has merged with Clermont Security & Sound who has been a locally owned security and monitoring service company in Clermont since 1992. We are a locally owned and operated security and monitoring service company that is committed to providing quality and affordable protection systems for both residential and commercial property. Our dedicated employees, proven services, and local availability provide our customers with a level of security no one else can offer.

Alarm Protection Center offers the installation of commercial and residential security systems. Contact us for an appointment or to ask any questions you may have about any of our services including our camera surveillance systems, central vacuum systems, and home theater.

Our goal is to provide a level of customer service that exceeds your expectations through clean quality installations with continued training and evaluations.

What We Do

Our services include: Monitored home/office security systems, security cameras, recording, intercom systems, surround sound, audio systems, phone and data lines, and lightning protection systems. We also offer sliding glass door locks and double-keyed dead bolts. Our rates are far lower than the national average.


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Security F.A.Q.

The majority of our current security systems are made by DSC. If you do not have a DSC system, please call the office for answers to your technical questions.

Q) Where can I get a new manual for my DSC system? 

A) You can download a manual from the DSC website which is At the top you will see “Technical Library”. Select User Manual. Then in the filter box, you may enter your panel type, or scroll through the list until you find your model. You can then choose your manual in English, Spanish, or French. If you do not have a DSC system, you can call the office to request a manual.
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Q) My doors and windows are not chiming. What can I do? 

A)  If there is a door or window open on the zone, it will not chime make sure everything on the zone is closed. You can push and hold the “chime” button until it beeps 3 times. If you still do not hear a chime, you probably need a service call to repair a cut wire or loose magnet.

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Q) How do I set my time and date? 

A) On your keypad, push *6 – your code – 1- time (in 24:00 format) – date (MM/DD/YY - #. It does not matter which keypad you change the time through, it will change it on all keypads in the home. While you are programming your time and date, if you press a wrong key and wish to start over, push ##.

i.e.: if it is 3:34 pm on January 6, 2013 & your code is 1234 you would enter = *6, 1234, 1, 1534,  010613, #

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Q) What happens when my alarm goes off if I am monitored?

A) Florida law states that the monitoring company has to call the location first and make one other attempt on the contact list before they can dispatch authorities. This law is designed to cut down on false alarms. If your alarm company calls you must give them your correct password or they will dispatch authorities.

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Q) I understand I can be charged for too many false alarms. Is this true?

A) With a good monitoring company, false alarms should not exist. In most jurisdictions you are allowed (typically) 3 false alarms in 3 months before being charged. Check with your local police department for false alarm allowances where you live. You should be notified by the authority with a warning before they will charge you.

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Q) Can I use my system if I choose not to be monitored?

A) Yes. Most security companies will not want to come to your house if you do not monitor with them. At Clermont Security, we do not require you to monitor and we will work on your system. If you are not monitored and you alarm goes off, all that happens is your siren will sound and eventually turn itself off. Monitoring is the service of your security panel dialing the monitoring station and the dispatching of authorities. If you are not monitored, your system will not dial out to anyone.

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Q) How do I bypass a zone if I want to keep a window open while the system is armed? 

A) On your keypad, push *1 – the two digit zone number you wish to bypass - #.

i.e.: If you wish to bypass zone 1 you would press:  *1, 01, #

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Q) I have a trouble light, what do I do? 

A) Push *2 on your keypad, a number should light up. If #1 comes up, push 1 again and a different number should show. #1 trouble will always require a service call but it helps us to know what numbers light when you push *2. #4 trouble means there is something wrong with your phone line and should resolve itself when your phones are back on. #8 trouble means you need to set your time and date. Any other trouble, please call the office.

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Q) What if I don’t ever want to pay a trip charge? 

A) We have started offering a Maintenance Agreement. You can pay the fee up front or we can add it to your monthly bill each month. This covers everything except additional equipment, lightning damage, and batteries. It covers all trip charges, any equipment that needs to be replaced (due to natural causes), all contacts that get damaged or fall off, any additional programming required, or just to check your system.

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Q) Why do I need to pay a trip charge when I call for service? 

A) The trip charge covers our employee’s time and the gas money involved in coming to your home. When you sign a contract with our company, the trip charge is stated directly on the contract and you are agreeing to pay this fee.

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Q) I’m selling my home and have time left on my contract. What are my options? 

A) If you are moving into another home within our service area, you can transfer the remaining monitoring to your new home. If the new home does not have a security system or equipment we can use, you will need to purchase the equipment. You can also transfer the monitoring to the new homeowner. We will need a letter (it can be handwritten or faxed) stating you allow the new homeowners to take over the service. Then either we can call them or they can call us to get a new code, call list, and an orientation.

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Q) I have a security system and monitoring, what else can I do to make my home more secure? 

A) We also install additional security equipment. For example, keypads can be in any room in your home. Smoke detectors that directly tie to the monitoring station and will allow the fire department to be dispatched automatically. Carbon monoxide detectors, key fobs for remote arming and disarming of the system, additional sirens, intercom systems, glass break detectors, and motion detectors (including those that are immune to large animals in your home). We also offer devices that allow you to arm and disarm your system from you android or smart phone.

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Security Inventory:

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View Your Cameras anytime via the internet

Clermont Security and Sound can install a video surveillance Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and color cameras that will give you color pictures during normal daylight conditions and black and white pictures in low light conditions. This technology is known as infra red or IR illuminators.

Our DVR’s will enable you (with a high speed internet connection) the ability to view live pictures or view recorded video without interrupting recording. We will load the program on your laptop and set up the computer to view your cameras. As long as you can get on the internet, you can view your cameras.

A DVR can be ordered to accept 4, 8 or 16 cameras and comes with a 500gig hard drive to store your video. A typical 4 channel DVR with 4 cameras recording continuously will store approx. 1 week of video. This can be extended by the settings on the DVR and it is common to store approx. 30 days of video.


On-Line Special Offers


Contact us through this website and receive a $99.00 install on any home that is already pre-wired for a security system. This price includes a basic security system including 1 Key pad, 1 motion detector, 1 indoor siren, back-up battery and transformer, this is normally $650.00. 

This is an internet special only. Price does not include monthly monitoring. A 36 month monitoring contract is required to receive this discount. Monthly monitoring rates are available for as low as $27.77 per month tax included.


Homes That are not Pre-Wired for Security:

Contact us through this website and receive a free on site security survey if your home is not pre-wired. Discounted systems available for non pre-wired homes. Every security system installation is unique and may vary in price. Please contact us for more information on non pre-wired homes. 

If a telephone line is NOT available at your home/office a cell-dialer is available at an additional cost. For additional options and equipment please contact our office.